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Alcoholism Treatment in Indianapolis IN

A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry has shed new light on the problems of excessive alcohol use -- and the results are far from pretty. That study found that nearly one-third of American adults engage in some form of problem drinking. That is a much higher rate of alcohol abuse than some past studies have found - and definitely a cause for concern. In addition, less than 20 percent of those with a drinking problem actually received treatment for their addiction. In fact, the JAMA Psychiatry study found that just 19.8 percent of those surveyed had received treatment for their excessive alcohol use. For this reason, Indianapolis alcoholism treatment and counseling has become a necessary service.

The study was both comprehensive and well funded -- it was comprised of interviews with some 36,000 men and women. The study on rates of alcohol use and abuse was conducted in conjunction with the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions III, conducted from 2012 to 2013.

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About the Survey

The researchers in charge of the study asked questions about not only alcohol use but psychiatric conditions and drug use as well. The results of these surveys were quite eye opening, and they are causing many in the substance abuse world to take a closer look at alcohol use and the negative consequences it creates for problem drinkers and their families.

These results should be a revelation for everyone, not only problem drinkers. Family members and friends should be concerned as well, since problems with excessive drinking are much more prevalent than many realize. If you know three people, chances are one of them has struggled with alcohol use at some time in their lives. If you recognize the symptoms of alcohol abuse in anyone you know, it is important to research treatment options and check out local drug and alcohol treatment centers without delay.

Getting Help

Indianapolis medical detox is necessary for patients to be weaned off of alcohol. Caring addiction specialists supervise this process in a safe, secure environment. After initial treatment is completed, recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous can help addicts abstain from drugs by providing a safe space to share experiences. Cognitive behavioral therapy and individual/group therapy have also proven to be beneficial. Don't let alcoholism take over your life. Call for information about Indianapolis drug detox centers today!

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