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Drug rehab programs are designed to provide substance abusers and addicts with a safe and comfortable environment to treat and manage their condition. Indianapolis Drug Treatment Centers recognizes the importance of having qualified professionals who work closely with patients to address the mental and physical aspects of addiction. The best drug rehab programs offer customized plans to fit individual needs. Call (877) 804-1531 to find out more about your options for drug rehab.

Signs of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Physical Signs:

  • Reddened eyes, uneven pupil size
  • Sudden changes in appetite or sleep habits
  • Deteriorating grooming habits
  • Strange breath odors, body odors, clothing smells
  • Body tremors, slurred speech, uneven coordination

Social Signs:

  • Has decreased performance or attendance at school or work
  • Suddenly has an increased need for money
  • Is behaving suspiciously or secretively
  • Has new friends, new hangouts, different or loss of hobbies
  • Gets into more frequent fights, accidents, trouble with the law

Psychological Signs:

  • Have a sudden change in personality
  • Have mood swings, be irritable
  • Become suddenly hyperactive or agitated
  • Lose their motivation to succeed
  • Become more anxious and paranoid

If a drug problem is suspected in someone close to you, intervention may be needed to obtain drug treatment for that person. It's important that you speak to the person in need of drug treatment about your concerns and then offer your help and support.

Drug Treatment Options

There are a number of drug treatment programs available to someone who is having a difficult time with substance abuse. These programs offered by centers for drug treatment vary in therapy methods, residential requirements, and more.

Residential Drug Treatment

These are drug rehabilitation centers where patients live on site 24 hours a day, for an unspecified period of time until treatment is finished. Residential facilities primarily start treatment by having patients go through detox to withdraw from the drug they are addicted to, lessening their dosage over time and sometimes replacing that drug with a safer alternative for a while. This phase of drug rehabilitation has medical professionals overseeing the withdrawal process as symptoms of withdrawal can become severe, even life-threatening. The staff and patients at inpatient facilities form a therapeutic community that supports recovery. The addict's attitudes and behavior concerning drug use are changed for the better with therapy and treatment.

Outpatient treatment programs allow patients to visit facilities for counseling during the day, returning to their own home at night. This aids them in coping with drug abuse issues and gives motivational incentives to stop using drugs.

Patients and their loved ones must choose the program that best fits their needs and their degree of addiction. Inpatient programs have detox processes in place with medical supervision so medications can be administered, helping with withdrawal tremendously. There are no distractions to drug abuse treatment while in an inpatient facility.

Relapse prevention is another hallmark of good drug abuse treatment programs. Once treatment is completed, the possibility of returning to drug or alcohol use is a threat to sobriety. Teaching patients coping strategies to prevent relapse is an important goal.

There are a variety of types of addictions treated at addiction rehab centers. These include different kinds of prescription drugs, street drugs and alcohol. Treating someone who is addicted to prescription drugs such as opioids (Vicodin, Oxycontin), for example, involves behavioral counseling in various forms (individual therapy, family therapy, group counseling). Medications can also be used to treat this type of addiction in conjunction with therapy.

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