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Struggling with Addiction? Learn About Recovery Options Offered by Indianapolis Addiction Centers

While Indiana is well known for its motor speedway and other sporting events, the emergent need for Indianapolis addiction centers to address alcohol and substance addiction is a troubling trend. According to recent statistics, approximately 9,000 residents in Indiana seek treatment for alcoholism annually and over half of those are battling a substance addiction such as heroin as well.

Like many other cities across the nation, heroin abuse has become a way of life for many residents in Indianapolis. Community leaders cite several contributors to the expanding use of alcohol, marijuana and heroin including the loss of productive industries, increased drug trafficking due to the city's proximity to Chicago (a major drug distribution hub) and insufficient policing activity. And, unlike many other states with well-established programs to address addiction, Indiana lacks a robust drug rehabilitation infrastructure necessary to rescue residents from habituated drug use and support long term sobriety. As a result, those in need lean heavily on existing Indianapolis Addiction Centers to provide these critical services.

How Indianapolis Addiction Centers Work

To begin with, Indianapolis Addiction Centers provide a 24-hour service that enable people in addiction access to important information regarding treatment. The initial contact is, for most people in addiction, pivotal to getting on the road to recovery. Communication with the addiction counselor is confidential and provide the necessary guidance and motivation to take the next step towards freedom from addiction.

People seek treatment at different stages of addiction. Counselors at Indianapolis Addiction Centers will tell you that entering a treatment program before drinking or drug use has segued into full blown addiction is the best way to escape the debilitating effects of this condition. Nevertheless, whether you have recently recognized a dependency or have been immersed in a drug addiction lifestyle for a long time, committing to a program of rehabilitation offers the best chance of restoring normalcy to everyday life. The process of restoration however, begins with recognizing that addiction is a complex and potentially lethal condition. As such, many people who try and fail to overcome this compulsive and uncontrollable need for drugs or alcohol often put themselves at risk of experiencing multiple and potentially deadly relapse events. For this reason, qualified addiction experts at Indianapolis addiction Centers recommend seeking professional help as soon as possible.

Treatment Options

Decades of research and study of addiction has revealed that the subtle nuances to this disease makes recovery a distinctly unique process. As such, treatment options have been continuously expanding. Today, thanks to advancements in technology scientists and treatment professionals are more cognizant of the effects of addiction on brain functions and rational thinking. This has also expanded treatment parameters which honors to a large degree; how each individual experience rehabilitation. Some of these treatment options include:

  • Gender based programs speak to the unique differences in the way drugs and alcohol impact men and women. Studies show that recovery occurs faster for some women in treatment programs that specifically address issues congruent with their communication style, feelings of shame and other issues that are specific to women patients. The same is true with programs that are modified to deal with issues predominantly faced by males struggling with addiction.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment. Based on reports from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the term "Dual diagnosis" describes the interplay between mental illness and addiction.

This condition can be so complex that it is often overlooked during a cursory examination of a patient with a substance abuse problem. However, when comorbidities are overlooked and not appropriately treated, it is often a major relapse trigger. In fact, surveys indicate that recidivism rates, homelessness, and unemployment are significantly lower in patients who need and receive dual diagnosis treatment.

  • Combination In-patient (residential) and Outpatient treatment programs. Duration of each is dependent on the patient's need and can be short or long term. Indianapolis addiction inpatient treatment centers may be necessary to achieve a successful recovery from a difficult, long-term addiction.
  • Holistic or alternative remedies. This is a preferred path to recovery for many people that typically involve non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical procedures such as nutrition, exercise, body movements, natural pain reduction procedures and emotional healing therapies.
  • Integrated modules that combine both traditional and select holistic remedies have been shown to have the highest rate of sustainable recovery.

One of the most beneficial components of professional addiction care is diagnostic testing that is designed to identify any underlying issues co-occurring with the addiction. Studies show patients who receive dual diagnosis treatment or parallel management for mental illness and addiction has a significantly higher rate of success in maintaining long term sobriety.

Indianapolis Addiction Centers work in conjunction with federally approved and cutting edge recovery modalities. Also, by taking an evolutionary approach that goes beyond cessation of use, rehabilitation occurs and advances at the individual's pace. Relapse prevention education and training as well as carefully coordinated aftercare programs are also critical components of the recovery process. With these comprehensive, personalized and cohesive programs of recovery, Indianapolis Addiction Centers help patients to achieve their goal of maintaining long term sobriety.

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