Women and Addiction Treatment Indianapolis

Gender specific treatment for substance abuse

Women make up an estimated 40 percent of drug addicts or alcoholics. Alcohol and drug addiction influences women differently when compared to male alcoholics or addicts and there are distinct characteristics, such as:

  • women exhibit the signs of drug or alcohol abuse earlier
  • women exhibit more severe symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse
  • mental health conditions tend to be more commonplace

Women can need drug and alcohol addiction treatment just as much as addicted men, however entering drug or alcohol rehab has culturally been more problematic for women.

Due to factors like cultural beliefs and family arrangements, women are often seen as the caretaker or nurturer of others. Women commonly put the needs of others before their own and can put off or delay seeking help for their addiction, even when the drug or alcohol abuse is extremely dangerous.

The feelings of guilt or shame can also deter drug or alcohol addicted women from reaching out for professional help. Indianapolis Drug Treatment Centers understands how important it is for women to stay focused on their recovery journeys, to explore the often sensitive issues of addiction with other recovering women in a cooperative setting, and strengthen their ties with other recovering people.

Indianapolis Drug Treatment Centers can provide you with information on a variety of specific treatment programs specially designed to suit the needs of every individual patient to help them recognize their potential as emotionally and mentally healthy, recovering individuals.

Since a large portion of addicted individuals have co-occurring mental health illness like depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety, Indianapolis Drug Treatment Centers can help you find fully accredited dual diagnosis facilities that treat both mental health conditions along with substance addiction. If an individual's mental health issues remain untreated, it can put their long-term sobriety in jeopardy.

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