Intervention and Addiction Treatment in Indianapolis

Indianapolis addiction intervention programs are crucial for families of drug addicts who aren't seeking professional help. It can be very difficult to see someone you love go through the turmoil of addiction, especially when they don't see a need to change. Addiction intervention is a way in which a person can be made aware of the scope of their addiction. Realizing that there is a problem is the first step in the process of recovery. Intervention and addiction treatment in Indianapolis can save your loved one's life.

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What is Addiction Intervention?

The process of addiction intervention is the coming together of friends and family of a loved one in order to support and help them with their addiction to drugs or alcohol. It can also be done with the advice of an intervention specialist or through their direct help. The aim is to make the subject of the intervention aware of the impact that their addiction has on those around them, to educate them and others about the condition and to give the subject access to further help.

What is a Formal Intervention?

Formal interventions are conversations between the addict, the people involved in the person's life and an Indianapolis intervention professional. The scope of the person's addiction and how it affects everyone's life is discussed.

What is an Informal Intervention?

An informal intervention refers to a conversation held with the addict and those around them that are affected, such as their employer or family, without the assistance of a professional interventionist. While not as structured with the absence of a mediator, the same effect can be achieved; provide information and initiate the addict into treatment.

Models for Intervention

Each person who is in need of addiction treatment requires a slightly different approached based on what would work best for them. The opinions of those closest to the addict along with the advice from an interventionist can assess which method would be best. The methods include the following:

  • Forcible - An intervention that forces a person into rehab treatment is one of the methods.
  • Indirect - This is where outside help is found to intervene in a friend or loved one's addiction problem.
  • Direct - In this method, those affected by the addict's behavior directly confront them about the issue.

An addiction intervention is the first step in getting your loved one to recognize that they need to seek help. For help finding Indianapolis relapse prevention centers that can lead your loved one on the path to recovery, call Indianapolis Drug Treatment Centers today at (877) 804-1531. Call now!

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