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Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, 2nd Change Ministries Inc offers a variety of addiction treatment options including Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction and accepts the following accepted insurances: Most Insurances. Drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious matter and the concept of addiction should never be taken lightly. At 2nd Change Ministries Inc, their main goal is to treat those that struggle with chronic substance abuse through innovative treatment methods and high-quality care.

Promising a unique approach to addiction treatment through drug and alcohol abuse programs in Indianapolis, Indiana, 2nd Change Ministries Inc places a strong emphasis on certain suggested treatment approaches that cater specifically to the unique needs of their patients.

Such treatment approaches that 2nd Change Ministries Inc offers may include: Personalized Treatment Plan. Addiction treatment services are available to 18+ and certain insurances are accepted, which include: Most Insurances. Get started on embarking upon your journey of recovery by contacting 2nd Change Ministries Inc from their website at 2ndchancecounseling.com.

Google Reviews

  3.0   1 month ago

The Staff are pretty helpful, but when it comes to the people coming in to stay, the people are rude to others, many of them have poor hygene regardless of the chance every night to shower. The food is better than eating out of a dumpster. I would recommend someone that is having a hard time to come here if they needed a place to stay for a short period of time. Godis definately at work here.

  5.0   1 month ago

Helpful to community, and changes live through Christian Ministry. Wonderful place to volunteer and donate!

  5.0   3 months ago

I've read a lot of bad reviews however it seems to me that the people who rated this place negatively did not follow simple rules. This place can and will help you if you're willing to help yourself. It's sad to see that people expect life to be spoon fed to them...that's probably why you became homeless. I'm not perfect but I understood that I needed discipline, structure, rules, and guidance. All of that was provided here and I got what I came for because I kept an open mind and stayed willing. I did not go against the tide every chance I got and then wondered why I was disciplined for it. Everyone here are experiencing a crisis in their life however it's how YOU deal with it that determines your worth and perseverance. I took the oppurtunity that was so freely given to me and did something with it. You'll find people come here just to get a roof over their head or a meal to eat with no intentions of straightening out their lives. I pity them. They're families turned their backs on them and they've given up. They simply use and abuse the system now and expect hand outs. It's sick. I took my oppurtunity and made my life better. I now have a full time job, a car, an apartment, and a loving family. If you're going through a low point in your life then you need to keep an open mind and be willing to follow SIMPLE rules and structures and they WILL help you granted you're willing to help yourself. The only things that concerned me about this place was that they required you to attend a mass in the evening and I'm not very religious but I am spiritual. I feel like they should make that optional however it's their shelter so they can do as they please. Another thing being the amount of thievery that occurs and the staff being completely unwilling to help. The staff that basically babysit and enforce rules are not kind what so ever. Why they chose to help people struggling when they themselves are not fit to help is beyond me. There are however staff that do care but most of them treat you like you're beneath them which I suppose you are in a way. Another thing is the food. It was garbage. Prison and jail food was better then that slop. They could greatly improve on that. My biggest concern was with how much wheeler mission received in donations and all the help they got, how can they not provide simple meals. Don't be fooled, Wheeler has a lot of benefactors yet chooses to do nothing with it's gains. Other then those few things I think this place saved my life and I am so grateful for the people who cared enough to help despite that number being so little. YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN Don't expect life to be fed to you with a silver spoon. Get off your lazy ass and stop expecting others to do what you can't for yourself. It's pitiful and it's disrespectful to all those who try to help This place humbled me but also made me sick. Seeing people choosing to ignore the rules every chance they get and then cry about not being treated fair is total hypocrisy. Then those who hustle every one and beg for hand outs. I feel that there needs to be requirements for the first few days that demand you get a effing job or do volunteer work. And when I say get a job that doesn't mean sitting on a street corner wearing your worst clothes with signs about despair and hopelessness. That's just disgusting! Then they take the money and buy drugs or alcohol. If you can sit on a street corner, steal people's things and sell them, hustle items, sell drugs, Hustle the social security and disability system, and all that foolishness then you are more, and I mean more capable then getting off your ass and getting a real job instead of using the system and the taxpayers money, hard-working citizens money. I'm sorry I did not sugarcoat this but life is not sugar-coated. This may seem like a harsh review however I was like some of what I mentioned at one point. The difference between me and others is I chose to do something about it instead of loathe in self-pity. People are here and want to support you... Just be willing James

  3.0   3 months ago

It's a place to lay your head in an emergency. It's a VERY religious men's mission with chapel services being mandatory every night. Most of their rules serve a real purpose, but are very controlling. They control when you sleep, shower, smoke, and a bunch of other stuff. They say "The door swings both ways, and you don't have to stay here."

  5.0   6 months ago

It's an awesome place to be, remember they have a system, if you try to buck the system, you will be asked to leave for one month. So it's to your benefit to heed to the system.

  5.0   10 months ago

A place is only as good as the intentions you have for yourself. In one month of me seriously doing for myself I will be leaving this mission better than it received me.

  5.0   1 year ago

The Wheeler Mission Shelter For Men: is phenomenally clean, personable, and helpful in many areas for any man who desires counselling, guidance, and spiritual or physical nourishment. The schedules are prompt and timely, with rules clearly explained for ease of access to all who request an overnight or longer stay. I have personally been away from the Wheeler Mission for over a decade, and the improvements made since that time are obvious and effective. Thank you first to Our Lord and Savior, and thank you to the tireless efforts of all volunteers and workers of the Wheeler Ministries who help make the Ministry of God apparent in all ways and always.

  4.0   1 year ago

The Staff should be commended for their tireless efforts to uplift and inspire the down trodden. Though I do not practice the christian faith, their services are for any man that needs a different approach to life's lessons. Many men complain about the rules, but they are in place for a reason. The only suggestion that i would make, would be for the Mission to partner with the local culinary schools and utilize their students as interns. Allowing for more creativity in all the meals would be an added boost to moral. Thank you for your help gentlemen!

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